Restaurant in Dublin

The word "Vagya" means luck in Nepalese and here in Vagya we feel very lucky to offer you a dining experience that incorporates excellent food and attentive service.

We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge from our diverse experience in distinguished restaurants around the world. Vagya has brought our team together and in turn brought us to you.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest food and the best quality service in such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that they will always want to return. We aim to offer gourmet Nepalese and Indian cuisine at very affordable prices.     [Read More]
Himalayan Curry:
Curry cooked with onions and tomatoes, flavoured with cloves and chillies. Very popular dish from Himalayan region of Nepal and India.
Chicken: 13.90,Lamb: 14.50
Gorkhali Curry:
A must try; a traditional Nepalese curry with green peas, potato, curry leaves, fresh coriander cooked in a thick sauce of onions and tomatoes.
Chicken: 13.90,Lamb: 14.50
Lamb Pepper Fry:
Julienne of fresh peppers, onions and coriander cooked with black pepper and spices, semi-dry.
Price: 14.50
Chef Special Biryani:
Typical Persian style, basmati rice simmered in exotic biryani spices.
Lamb, Chicken or Prawns: 17.50